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My name is Paul Lambess, and I'm the Founder and CEO of CVG Finance - a company comprised of professional, yet down-to-earth and friendly finance brokers with a passion for helping growth-oriented companies facilitate their growth and achieve success in their business.

We are looking for new, forward-thinking clients who want to unlock their true potential by leveraging Debtor Finance and secure a steady cash flow, instead of having to wait months to get their invoices paid.

If you consider yourself a suitable candidate to become one of those clients, we'll gladly work with you one-on-one to help you choose a reliable debtor and secure the best deal that will ensure your business keeps growing.

The first thing we'll do is gain a deeper understanding of your current invoicing system and create a plan for unlocking or assisting cash flow in your business and find extra money through debtors.

We'll work together to uncover the perfect solution, based on your business needs, that will solve your current cash flow problems and stimulate your company's growth.

Debtor Finance enables you to invest more time and effort into expanding and growing your business, without having to constantly worry whether invoices will be paid in time for you to keep your business up and running at full capacity.

Meet Paul and CVG Team

The Boss Broker, as his colleagues often call him, Paul is a real people person, who founded CVG finance with a singular goal in mind - to help other hard-working, determined people grow their businesses and live their dreams (or at least get one step closer to their dream). Everyone at CVG finance embraces this goal and appreciates the opportunity to flex their money muscles and employ their expertise to help our clients arrange their finance.

We specialise in enabling organizations grow by managing everything from large finance commercial deals to debtor finance facilities, equipment finance and residential loans for them, allowing them to focus all their energy into their business. Like we said, we're passionate about helping you grow your business, but we also LOVE winning (we won 15 awards in 7 years), which makes us consistently and reliably provide incredible results for our clients.

We're ready, and more than willing to jump through bank hoops for you. We know exactly what makes banks tick, so we can always give them what they want, ensuring that you get what you want in return!

How Do We Know Bankers So Well, And
Why Do Lenders Love Us So Much?

Well, most of us are ex-bankers who got tired of straightening our ties and trimming our nose hair before work. We wanted to break free from the tedious, repetitive work, but still help people with their finances and have fun with our love (more like obsession) of interest rates!

So, we created CVG Finance.

Now, we'd like to offer you an opportunity to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with us and discover how we can help YOU leverage Debtor Finance to enhance your business' cash flow and unlock your full potential.

Wait, What Exactly Is Debtor Finance?

Debtor Finance is a real life-saver!

Essentially, it's a finance product that funds directly from your debtor's ledger or invoices, and lets you draw down and use 80% of the money as soon as you invoice a customer, without having to wait for them to proceed with the payment. If you are without a dependable, consistent cash flow, your business becomes vulnerable, regardless of how successful or viable it is. Because, when invoices begin to stack up, and you're just not getting the money you're owed in time, things quickly turn sour, because you simply don't have the required resources to pay your suppliers and take on new businesses.

Debtor Finance allows you to easily avoid cash flow problems associated with prolonged invoice times, and gives you access to your money immediately upon finishing a job or a project. Many businesses rely on an overdraft to overcome these challenges. Debtor Finance functions in a similar fashion, except that, unlike an overdraft, it doesn't have any drawbacks, such as the need to supply personal assets as security, and only having access to that value. Instead, Debtor Finance instantly turns your unpaid client invoices into cash in your bank account, and lets you withdraw and immediately use up to 80% of that money - whenever you need it! It's an effective way of leveraging your own debtors to unlock consistent cash flow in your business, without having to take on any risk, put up any real estate security or take on any additional debt.

So, what happens to the other 20%? Does the lender get to keep 20% of your hard-earned money?

Of course not. The remaining sum of the invoice is added to your account when the debtor receives the payment from your client. They only charge a small fee for their services, and the rest is added to your account, and readily available for use.

Who Can Benefit From Debtor Finance?

Basically, any viable business that wants to get paid for their invoices and have full access to their funds in just 24 hours. It is a risk-free way of securing a steady cash flow, since your sales are converted into working capital within a day from making finishing the project. Essentially, you'll have access to 80% of the funds before the client has actually paid you.

This means that Debtor Finance can be leveraged by:

  • Businesses that require immediate access to the money clients owe them, but do not want to take on unnecessary risks or go into debt

  • Debtor Finance is available to any and all viable business, including both start-ups, as well as large, well-established organizations, and everyone in-between

  • Forward-thinking companies who want to focus their efforts on promoting growth and scaling their business Businesses who don’t want to miss out on profitable short-term opportunities due to cash-flow problems that can easily be overcome

  • Business owners who want to have peace of mind, by ensuring they have access to their money, as soon as the project is done and client is invoiced

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That Sounds Astounding! Why Haven't I Heard About It Before?

Well, for two major reasons.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with Debtor Finance, and there's also the fact that only two of the "Big Four" banks offer it, so it's actually not marketed as well as we believe it should be. There are also those who mistakenly believe that Debtor Finance is an indication that a business is in a difficult financial situation, and is using this financial service as a last resort. The truth is, Debtor Finance greatly enhances cash flow, without forcing the company to borrow on other assets and go into debt.

Another thing that puts off businesses from leveraging Debtor Finance is an unfounded fear that clients will view them as someone unreliable; someone who's struggling to overcome their financial problems. However, businesses who know how to take advantage of this incredible facility are actually perceived as very successful, since a consistent cash flow enables them to grow steadily. People also worry that it requires security, such as a real-estate, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Debtor Finance simply gives you immediate access to the money you've already earned!

The bottom line is, most business owners don't even know how to access Debtor Finance, and have either inaccurate or incomplete information about it. And that's exactly where the CVG team steps in! We'll gladly introduce you to this incredible facility, show you how you can leverage it to secure a steady cash flow and focus your efforts on your business' growth, instead of wasting time chasing debts.

What Would Debtor Finance
Mean For MY Business?

That's exactly what we'll help you discover on our free consultation call! That said, here are a few ways in which Debtor Finance can boost your business.

  • Enhances cash flow, and makes funds readily available within 24 hours from
    finishing a job and sending an invoice

  • Stimulates growth, since the amount of money available to you grows in
    proportion to your sales

  • Gives you unlimited, instant access to your money, without having to
    liquidate any assets, take on any incurring risk or go into debt

  • Allows you to take advantage of prompt payments, buying in bulks and
    discounts offered by your supplier

  • Gives you the option to withdraw the funds whenever you need, and lets you
    leverage lucrative, short-term business opportunities that require

Click the button below to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation and discover how you can leverage Debtor Finance to secure a steady cash flow.


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Here's How The Consultation
Typically Unfolds

First, we'll get on a one-on-one, 30-minute call and make an honest assessment of your business' current position.

This basically entails taking a closer look at your invoicing system, and gaining a deeper understanding of your current cash flow. We'll then talk about your age of debtors. In order to become eligible for Debtor Finance, your business must have 90-day limit invoice policy in place. Lack of a pre-defined invoice timeframe can drastically choke a business' cash flow, affecting the entire organization and preventing them from reliably achieving business objectives.

Finally, we'll talk about debtor concentration, or put simply, the number of customers your business has at the moment. We'll help you discover whether you're eligible for Debtor Finance, and if you prove to be a good candidate for the facility, how much money you can unlock in your debtors' ledger and how soon can you get access to it.

What Exactly Is It That We At
CVG Finance Do?

Now, an important thing to note is that, although CVG can and will help you finance your invoices, we're not the party providing the service. CVG is a national-leading broker that has access to over 50 lenders, and will do everything in their power to help you find a reliable, trustworthy financial institution that will pay you up to 80% of the invoice value within just 24h from sending the invoice. During the call, we will carefully assess your situation and recommend the best Financial Institutions, which offer the best deals perfectly suited for your business needs. There's no need to worry about being unfamiliar with Debtor Finance, because CVG does all the work for you. We employ all our experience to negotiate the best deals with Financial Institutions, usually unavailable for individuals and companies who haven't previously used this type of service.

We'll save you a ton of precious time you can spend on actually growing your business, or doing something else you enjoy. We'll personally work with all Financial Institutions, and you won't need to browse through dozens of different institutions, asking for a quote and searching for the best deals.

Click the button below to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation and discover how you can leverage Debtor Finance to secure a steady, reliable cash flow.


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To your success,
Paul Lambess
CVG Finance